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Archives du 5 décembre 2016:

Anthologie poétique de la BAN, Bibliothèque américaine de Nancy

Sujets: Anthologie poètique de la BAN

« Write a Tiny Eulogistic Rhyme …  Composez un petit poème en anglais sur le thème de l’eau » : découvrez la sélection du jury de la BAN


When rains strike


What could happen when rains strike ?

What would all this peaceful water do ?

Poor little men can’t go for a hike

Or they will be contaminated by some flu


Beauty of ice, cold heart and blue blood

Pure characteristics of a true queen

At least, all subjects will give a nod

Obliterated by such illusion of mean


But when she attacks, be warned

She will not be easy on you, earthling

You will be all wet, be prepared

When rains strike, like a fire, raging






Eternal mistery of the sea


I don’t know if I want to live anymore

You have taken my family, my house and


I don’t know if I want to live again

Submerse myself with trust, difficult

to regain


How fast-growing my pain

Upon this endless rain

How can you barge in, to destroy

The life, my infinite pride and joy


You were revitalizing, refreshing, you

were peace

Silence, how calm how strangely still

So lost staring over infinity,

Wondering at this eternal mistery of the






A la mer Sea
A la mer Sea
Grandeur Greatness
A la mer Sea
Couleur Color
A la mer Sea
Tonique Tonic
A la mer Sea
Plein de bonheur Plenty of happiness




Traduit par Bruno RENARD


L’eau Water
L’eau Pure
Transparente Water
L’eau Funny
Amusante Water
L’eau Lovely
Charmante Water




Traduit par Bruno RENARD



Lost at sea


I can breathe you deep inside my lungs

The taste of infinite horizon

On the tip of my tongue.


I can hear the sirens call

A shimmering mirage

The orgastic path of old.


I can feel your touch

Gentle like a lover’s hand

Against the wet golden sand.


I can see you with my eyes open

Wide, huge and vast

Grabbing me to merge into your arms.


Apolline GANIER,






So clear and so weak,

You still magnificent.

You are the rain and it crackles,

The ocean and its music

The well in the darkness profundity.

You stagnant or run,

To share your magic.

You speak to the breeze,

Moreover, people listen.


A ricochet or a swim,

A beach or a landscape,

A mystery for our eyes.

You and I are different.


So blue, preserving and so harmonious.

Yet to the confines of the world,

You are manipulated, nonetheless aimed to act.

You love us,

Cause you change the world.


Float, float without stopping,

Cry, cry without quitting.

If in the depth of your misery

We do not see your pain,

You will realize that the man is overflowing.

You will be angry

However, please do not fight

We could never restrain you.


Friend of man, behave diligently.

I love what you are,

Therefore, glad to meet you.

You affect people’s life,

That they said, « Water is life. »


You are indispensable for all generation.

For a drained or thirsty man,

You tender your magic.

You are water, so run.

Men have already taste how much you are









Mention spéciale du jury

Special jury award




d r o p

at the tip

of a leaf

is a sun

is a world

is life





Gorgeous, Cold and Running water


Gorgeous, cold, and running water

Rivers, lakes, oceans glimmer in the sun

Seas sparkle in the moon

Torrents leap over rocks smoothing them

Thou art so dangerous when Thou

turnest into Tsunamis

Killing everyone around you

Destroying everything when Thou

flowest through…

However feeding, fertilizing,

Essential to life

Impossible to do without you

Thou art the Earth’s blood.


Christiane WATRIN,






alone facing this furious ocean

I can’t take my eyes off

these powerful waves which pierce me

destructive and majestic the ocean

spreads to infinity


drops flow down my cheeks

the storm tears the sky

I’m watching the rain merging with the


the wind howls and waves flap louder


I hear a voice, I know you’re here but

It’s too late, I’ve dived in the ocean of

your eyes

ocean is everywhere, it takes me away

and I disappear under a curtain of rain





Airboat Tours by Arthur


I came to the bayou for a ride in an airboat,

By rising on the boat,

I felt that the Bayou des Allemands was

calling me,

While the airboat dashed on the shady


I bent over the bars of the boat,

And I looked at my face,

Among water lilies,

Whereas the flowery green water,

Reflected the tourists faces,

I slid my hand in the fresh water,

Removing the faces which were,

As one with the flora of the bayou,

The alligators of Louisiana,

Reigned over their territory of trees and


The boat approached too much near

the bank,

And the alligator which went out of its


Dived hastily and disappeared under the

flowery water,

Of thousands white flowers,

The boat stood still for a stopping place,

Made It, Ma.

Top of the world !


Sarah GOETZ,